Manage Google Alerts Three Digital Marketing Methods to Help You Sell

“How do I get people to buy my products?” This is a question that most business owners have when they invest in digital marketing. Among many different business goals, digital marketing is usually sought to increase brand awareness and persuade customers to make purchasing decisions.However, digital marketing is a big industry with many facets having their own functions and strengths. Whether you’re working with a professional digital marketing team or going down the DIY road, there are many ways to accomplish this.Hard Selling Through AdvertisementsAdvertisements are basically the more traditional approach to marketing where you feature your goods and immediately urge your customers to purchase. It’s the classic “Hey, this is my product. This is what it can do. You should buy one!” style of selling where purchasing decisions are often motivated by immediate needs.

This form of marketing campaign can work if you’re already a known company that has an established reputation. Hard selling is direct, concise, and doesn’t waste any time dilly-dallying. It, however, does not always guarantee consumer conversion on first try.Social Media ManagementSocial media management is (as the name suggests) the practice of using social media channels to spread information about the organization and the products it sells. By having an effective social media campaign, you get to provide a steady stream of content to your customers.You also get to personalize your message through image and video content which will allow your customers to get a glimpse of what your company stands for. If you’re a start-up company still trying to make a name for yourself, social media management is the way to go.Lead GenerationMarketing through lead generation is a systematic process of acquiring potential customers with the intent of persuading them to make purchasing decisions. This can be done in many different ways through different platforms.Marketing lead generation can take longer than other digital marketing schemes. After all, it turns customers from being strangers to visitors to leads to customers to promoters. It’s a long process that may take time. But if done right, it can save you the time and effort of starting marketing schemes that may not even attract potential customers. It can also create an effective and long lasting brand-consumer relationship.Like social media management, lead generation is also ideal for start-up businesses that are yet to make a name for their selves.

It is cost-effective which means it will not break the bank for new entrepreneurs. It’s precise and systematic, which means that no effort will be wasted on the wrong people. Most of all, lead generation is targeted towards creating good and long-lasting relationship with the customers. This allows companies to create a considerable pool of loyal customers which makes financial stability easier.Whichever of the three you prefer for your business, keep your goals in mind and see which of these methods works best for you. Moreover, if you’re planning to outsource your digital marketing needs, be careful in selecting the company to work with and keep your expectations realistic. The key to having a successful digital marketing campaign is to know what you want to achieve, when to achieve it, and, most importantly, who to work towards it with.

Why Is the Blockchain Technology Important?

Let’s say that a new technology is developed that could allow many parties to transact a real estate deal. The parties get together and complete the details about timing, special circumstances and financing. How will these parties know they can trust each other? They would have to verify their agreement with third parties – banks, legal teams, government registration and so on. This brings them back to square one in terms of using the technology to save costs.

In the next stage, the third parties are now invited to join the real estate deal and provide their input while the transaction is being created in real time. This reduces the role of the middleman significantly. If the deal is this transparent, the middleman can even be eliminated in some cases. The lawyers are there to prevent miscommunication and lawsuits. If the terms are disclosed upfront, these risks are greatly reduced. If the financing arrangements are secured upfront, it will be known in advance that the deal will be paid for and the parties will honour their payments. This brings us to the last stage of the example. If the terms of the deal and the arrangements have been completed, how will the deal be paid for? The unit of measure would be a currency issued by a central bank, which means dealing with the banks once again. Should this happen, the banks would not allow these deals to be completed without some sort of due diligence on their end and this would imply costs and delays. Is the technology that useful in creating efficiency up to this point? It is not likely.

What is the solution? Create a digital currency that is not only just as transparent as the deal itself, but is in fact part of the terms of the deal. If this currency is interchangeable with currencies issued by central banks, the only requirement remaining is to convert the digital currency into a well-known currency like the Canadian dollar or the U.S. dollar which can be done at any time.

The technology being alluded to in the example is the blockchain technology. Trade is the backbone of the economy. A key reason why money exists is for the purpose of trade. Trade constitutes a large percentage of activity, production and taxes for various regions. Any savings in this area that can be applied across the world would be very significant. As an example, look at the idea of free trade. Prior to free trade, countries would import and export with other countries, but they had a tax system that would tax imports to restrict the effect that foreign goods had on the local country. After free trade, these taxes were eliminated and many more goods were produced. Even a small change in trade rules had a large effect on the world’s commerce. The word trade can be broken down into more specific areas like shipping, real estate, import/export and infrastructure and it is more obvious how lucrative the blockchain is if it can save even a small percentage of costs in these areas.